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UrbaniteRadio Live Broadcast From Blu Sugar Land | June 16, 2012

Concepto Elektronico | Video Mixes

For my Spanish speaking friends, make sure you check out our Video mixes every Saturday @ 5pm CST along with Dj Jose Rodriguez, Dj Koma and friends on Concepto Elektronico!

Watch it on Canal 21.1 Houston or online at

Beyonce Billboard Awards 2011 Performance VS Lorella Cuccarini 2010 performance

Interesting video I found in YOUTUBE.  What do you think?

World Of Dance Tour 2011

The World of Dance Tour is the largest International Urban Dance Competition taking place in 14 major markets across the globe.  With focus on the art of street dancing and today’s new aged choreography, World of Dance is the largest touring event embracing Urban Dance and Youth Lifestyle.  The World’s top dancers, hundreds of participants, and thousands of spectators will partake in performance festival settings, awarding today’s top dancer’s with the most prestigious acknowledgments.  The World of Dance Tour promises to deliver an unparalleled experience to both participants and spectators in effort to build the reputation as the global authority in Urban Dance and Lifestyle.

Learn more about The World of Dance Tour by visiting their website:

Muslim Christian Violence In Indonesia

I found this horrific video a couple of weeks ago from a teenager’s Multiply site.  I’m saddened knowing that such evil exists.  I would like to warn you that this video is extremely graphic and shocking.



The Truth Behind Hip Hop V

Here’s an interesting video I found on YouTube talking about Jay Z & Beyonce.  Check it out, it will kind of make you think about them.

Gangsta Hit By An Ice Cream Truck While Dancing To: “Teach Me How To Dougie”

Things not to do while on a busy street.  Someone call this boy’s momma!  He’s hurt!

Girl Throwing Puppies In River!

What is the world coming to?!  YouTube has been pulling these videos down because it’s going viral.  This is animal cruelty at it’s finest!

Update: Click the link to check out the video in

Bull Leaps Out Of Ring And Charges At Crowd

Crazy bull leaping out of the ring in Spain.  I think this bull wanted a corndog.  I’m lovin’ the guy that was pulling the bull’s tail.

Funny Miss Universe Philippines Reaction

Ok, here are 4 gay men going bonkers when Ms Philippines gets called out!  They’re insane!  LoLLL

The Muppets!

The Muppets release their new hit single…Check it out!